Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Practitioner Exam

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Practitioner Exam
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Earn accreditation for existing programme management knowledge and experience by taking the MSP® Online Practitioner exam. Intended specifically for any professional who has already completed the MSP® Foundation qualification, this exam is best suited to:

  • Programme and project team members who want to earn a basic qualification that evidences their strengths.
  • Employees who are working in a project or programme management capacity.
  • Programme or project management consultants who need a qualification to underline their experience.
  • Existing MSP® Practitioner qualification holders who need renew their certification.
  • Professionals who are in the process of training for a career change in programme or project management.

The exam is specifically intended to assess an individual’s ability to lead a project management team in an MSP® managed environment.

In order to pass the examination and earn the MSP® Foundation level qualification, participant must have already completed the Foundation level training course.

Key Learning Points

The MSP® Practitioner exam consists of eight questions which are then broken down into 2 to 4 parts each. Candidates then have two and a half hours (150 minutes) to answer the questions overseen by a remote invigilator or proctor. Students will have their knowledge of advanced programme management techniques tested to ensure that they understand the advanced principles of the Managing Successful Programmes framework and how they are applied in a corporate environment.

As an open book exam, candidates will be able to refer to the MSP® manual.

As part of the MSP® guidelines, certificated professionals need to renew their qualifications every three to five years by sitting a renewal exam. This paper is slightly different, consisting of just three questions that need to be answered in a 60 minute timeframe. Each question addresses one of the key syllabus areas pertaining to the Practitioner level manual.

Advantages of this course

After scoring at least 44 marks (or 17 for the re-registration exam), candidates will get instant confirmation of their Managing Successful Programmes qualification. Armed with the MSP® Practitioner certificate, programme management team leaders will:

  • Be better able to implement and manage programme change management project teams.
  • Be better able to apply the MSP® framework to company projects, raising standards and success rates accordingly.
  • Be able to provide advanced Managing Successful Projects guidance to colleagues or third parties.
  • Have the skills and experience required to lead a programme management team, or secure a job elsewhere in the sector.

The MSP® Practitioner level qualification is important proof of an individual’s ability to lead a team that operates according to the MSP® framework.

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